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“I have tended to suffer from back problems for most of my life, and after a recent bad spell the physiotherapist who was treating me recommended Tai Chi as a follow-up and a method of keeping the problem under control.  I was particularly keen, too, to improve my balance after having one or two falls.  Roxani’s classes, combined with some private lessons with her, have made a big difference and given me much greater stability.  Roxani’s clear direction and warm encouragement have been an inspiration, and by the end of each lesson I feel stimulated and refreshed, no matter how battered I was feeling when I arrived.  I certainly intend to continue with these and recommend them to others.”

Prudence Raper 

Writer, singer and Manager in retirement

" I highly recommend Roxani because she is very supportive in helping me to manage very serious health conditions, ie irregular heartbeat, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic pain syndrome and fibromyalgia. These conditions can make one extremely anxious and depressed but through the Alexander Technique I have become mindful and able to observe myself so I am able to manage any episodes (pain, fatigue) that may be coming. Roxani has a gentle sensitive demeanour and active presence, which is so importantly supportive to my process."


Akira Cripps

(56 years old)

"I am a student of Alexander Technique, and have experienced Roxani's teaching over the past year. Roxani is empathetic and supportive, using her broad knowledge of body movement as well as sensitive intuition to help me in short term pain and long term change. I am looking forward to many years of sessions!"

Cait Hurley


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