In the fast paced urban environment we are living the question is more and more how to stay in touch with one's own center, how to.keep a calm inner center that remains uninfluenced by the external situations. In order to be able to manage well the tasks that are changing us, do we need to be in an aggressive or stressed mode? Of course not and that is the main problem that adrenaline style reactions or patterns in our behaviour ( anger, over excitement, overworking) eventually cause misuse of our body in some way or another that usually we don't become aware of until symptoms appear.
With the Alexander Teacher's guidance the person learns how to inhibit the stressful patterns of reaction to stimuli, how to stop, pause and rethink. Then the Alexander Technique provides new ways on how to stay in contact with our breathing and body and thus acquire a new sense of balanced self. A new sense of awareness gradually develops that has its unique rhythm which is uninterrupted by external tensions while we remain open and interactive with the world around us.

Being in good terms with ourselves where we are

“The cure comes from learning.”

Patrick McDonald