It is not what you do, but How you do it

As we learn to acquire Freedom of movement, Clearing the mind and Freedom of Voice and Breathing, together with a recognition of our functional limits and the way to improve them, the Alexander technique guides us towards a state of being that empowers us and enables us to be more and more independent in our choices of means of action, thus improving our use throughout the demanding professional tasks and provides us with a clearer awareness on how to remain centered in ourselves and avoid the negative effects of stress. Overall, offices with more awareness to their employees’ well-being are yielding higher profits.

 Wherever your career demands intense concentration, public speaking, long hours on the computer or on the phone, through the lessons in the Alexander Technique you can manage to keep in contact with your centre and avoid misuse that would have consequences in the long run. 

In these pictures observe how the neck and head are different in good vs. bad. In the “The weight distribution allows for breath to carry through the whole body. The head finds balance atop of the neck and the spine is able to support the body’s weight without collapsing.