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My Experience, My Passion

Roxani Eleni Garefalaki (b. 1983) is a movement Instructor, director and performance artist from Athens, Greece based in London.

She is an Alexander Technique teacher and Teaches Tai Chi and QiGong emphasising on their healing and meditative properties.


She uses a holistic approach to performance combining movement with sound, in order to explore the connections between art and healing.

She specialises in Butoh and organic movement, using symbolism through movement.  Her research is inspired by her love for Nature and for the works of Bachelard, C. Yung, world Mythology, Anthropology, ancient greek philosophy but also research on evolutionary biology, neuroscience, anatomy and healing. 

She has performed in all kinds of stages, from ancient Greek theatres ( Epidaurus, Herodeion, Phillipoi etc, with the National Theatre of Greece and the Hellenic Festival), Opening of the 2011 Athens' Special Olympics Ceremony,) to street theatre for the Cultural Olympiad for the 2004 Athens' Olympics, children’s theatre, dance theatre and circus cabaret, combining singing with physical theatre elements, stilts, aerial acrobatics and fire juggling.


Showreel of her collaborations from 2002-2007 can be seen here.


For her current projects see below and visit here.



She is also a creator performances being a songwriter, lyricist and script writer and has created productions addressing to different audiences,  from dance theatre to open air stages and stadiums (Art Sung productions  "Clara Schumann"  and "Alma Mahler" by Elizabeth Mucha, at Wilton’s Music Hall London 2017 (stage direction, lighting design), “Perform to Reform” Erasmus+ EU Program, Jugend & Culturproject e.V. producing the “Great Wheel” dance theatre (script, direction, music, scenography & performing), Dresden, Germany, “The Art of Basking” , Thessaloniki European Youth Capital 2014, “Seven” circus- cabaret dance theatre (Script, direction, costume design, scenography & performing), El Convento del Arte theatre, Athens Zen Garden’s “Semantic” opening the Future Sound of London in Athens (23.5.09) at Olympic Softball stadium).

 She trained and qualified as an Alexander Technique Teacher at the Alexander Technique Studio with Karen Wentworth as head of Training. Additionally she has completed the post graduate 'Developing Self' Alexander Technique in education course and has attended many workshops related to different aspects of the Technique.

 She has trained in music (Bachelor Degree in Harmony- Higher Theory of Music (Hellenic Conservatory), classical singing, Healing through Sound and voice (Joe Tornabene, Roy Hart theatre), and Butoh movement (with Moeno Wakamatsu & Sai Misima).