Butoh dance, polyphonic singing of Epirus (Northern Greece) laments and live violin

ながれ / NAGARE

"Beautiful. Enchanting. Transcendent. I wish to see it again." Merlyn Peter's

''This show is needed here and now in the UK as it helps and allows us to grieve -it asks the important question; are we able to grow and leave the trauma behind us?'' Elina Manni 

ながれ / NAGARE is a hybrid investigation of the limits between Butoh dance and polyphonic traditional singing methods of Epirus (North Greece) accompanied by electric violin soundscapes. 

Through the mixture of those two genres/styles ながれ / NAGARE creates a new form/technique which brings together Greek and Japanese performative elements. 

Through the investigation made on traditional Japanese forms such as Noh theatre, Kabuki dance and Greek such as ancient Greek mysteries (Kaviria, Eleusinia & Orfika) and polyphonic laments from Epirus (μοιρολόγια) we explored that these phenomenally different worlds share common ceremonial and spiritual aspects.

Performed at: St. Pancras Old church part of 'The Polaris Experience' curated by Gene Serene, London (July 2015), Apiary studios part of Modern Panic VI curated by Guerilla Zoo, London (November 2015), Hornsey Town Hall Arts Centre (December 2015) and Librarylondon members club. (April 2016) and Strange Love Festival, Folkestone, Kent (March 2017). 

Butoh/voice: Roxani Garefalaki & Eliza Soroga

Live violin: Takatsuna Mukai

Costume design: Yuliya Krylova 

Photo credit: Eleonora Cristin, Simone Pellegrini / Doris Shiffer.