Is It for Me?

The Alexander Technique aims at awakening the sensory mechanisms and reconnecting one’s thinking with the body.

It is for everyone aged 3 to 100!

By perceiving the way the body is supported by its anatomy and train the nervous system to be able to stop any misuse and release unnecessary tensions. In this way, no matter the disability present, the Alexander Technique helps the person meet and perceive their own body in a new way. By connecting this new skills of perception with conscious awareness the use of one's self evolves .

In this way everyone can learn how to change old unnecessary habits, develop new skills and improve their performance in any activity.

When injuries have caused temporary disability, the Alexander Technique teaches how to turn every possibility of movement into a self- physiotherapy session!


Becoming a Better You

Finding a new way to move with Ease

Improve vocal / breathing issues

Release stress and manage anxiety

Enhance Performance in Arts and Sports


Help in the recovery, improvement and prevention of :
Neck pain, RSI
Lower Back pain, knee problems

Musculoskeletal injuries

Parkinson's Disease


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