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My Sessions
(Online Sessions Available)

Learning how to stay connected


At Mindfulness in Motion, I cater to people of all ages and experience levels with my wide variety of courses.

Whether you are interested in working on a particular issue or would like to improve your overall performance, you’ve got many options to choose from. 

Alexander Technique
Private lessons

I teach at the Alexander Technique Studio 

6 Ravenslea rd, SW12 8SB, 

and Online via Zoom.

I also give private lessons at the person’s residence, provided there is enough space on the floor (2 square metres).

In this case travelling costs will be added to the price.

Price per lesson is £50 for a 60 minute session. 

A limited amount of concessionary places are available, especially for students – please contact me for details.


There is a discount option if you commit to a Block of 10 lessons, then the price of each individual lesson is £40.


Blocks of lessons are valid for 12 months.

I teach private lessons or in small groups, as well as weekly Tai Chi group classes of different levels and separate QiGong classes.

Tai Chi lessons include the learning of the Small Series (Yang Style) accompanied by a variety of QiGong exercises

QiGong lessons focus on the practice of the Dayang (Wild Goose QiGong)

Duration: all classes and private lessons last one hour. I currently run weekly QiGong group classes Online via Zoom


Group Classes: £20

Private lessons: £50

Tai Chi and QiGong
Group classes


Working with the principles of the Alexander technique and using exercises and games from Butoh, Qigong and Tai Chi and the Dart Procedures, we will delve into the dimension of time in a unique way, by exploring new body - mind connections and full presence in the moment through movement.

Enhancing our perception while learning to engage with a calm and entered mind we learn how to meditate while in activity.

My aim is to guide people into a field of unified awareness through connecting body- mind and emotion.

 I collaborate with various venues that run workshops, such as TripSpace Projects, Offthepagecreativepractice and others. Stay updated for upcoming workshops!

Mindfulness in Motion Butoh Workshops


Mindful Fitness

For Yoga, Pilates and fitness practitioners.

How to improve your skills, achieve better results, avoid injuries and enjoy more your practice.

A way to embed meditation in fitness activities by expanding our awareness through new body -mind connections.

Through the guidance of the Alexander Technique, we practice combined exercises from Pilates, Yoga, and fitness programs, learning how to use ourselves better, by being mindful in action.

Join the Group Class or book a private session!

Private lessons at your space or,

At the Alexander Technique Studio (South West London)

(6 Ravenslea rd, SW12 8SB) and Online via Zoom


Teaching in small groups, I combine aspects of Alexander Technique, Tai Chi and QiGong with physical theatre games, to invite children into a movement exploration that helps them use their imagination to connect with their body though motion.

My aim is to train children in mindfulness through motion, establishing awareness of their body and teaching them how to manage their energy in a non stressful way.

We play games of body mapping and anatomy to improve balance, breathing games to help manage stress and create stories with our movement to explore new body -mind connections!

In my class I encourage a non competitive attitude, promoting self- centredness and respect for each others personal space. It aims to help children discover their unique way of connecting to the use of their body, and how to treat it gently while having fun!

While they they express their creativity they also playfully train their mind to be aware and learn how to manage different qualities.  

Mindfulness in Motion for children

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