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Poetry through Movement

My butoh style combines performance with zen philosophy and is a semantic approach to the use of slow motion and organic movement.
Slowing down to connect with our deeper layers and allow more awareness.


Butoh is a form of dance theatre that evolved in Japan after the end of WWII.

As a unique art form is known to "resist fixity" and be difficult to define.

The technical approach can be described as a series of cues largely based on incorporating visualizations that directly affect the nervous system, producing qualities of movement that are then used to construct the form and expression of the dance.



Continuing my explorations on my teacher's (Moeno Wakamatsu) unique Butoh style 'Sculpting Time', and my previous workshop's theme 'Breathing Qualities' and 'Sensing the Invisible’, in my workshops I focus on strengthening the psychophysical awareness and on how to experience mindfulness in movement. My research draws elements and is inspired by ancient greek philosophy and mythology and my own experience in performing ancient greek drama, phenomenology and anthropology as well as zen poetry (Haikus). You can see some of my current Mindfulness in Motion projects here.

Using exercises and games from Butoh, Qigong and Tai Chi and working with the principles of the Alexander technique, we will delve into the dimension of time in a unique way, by exploring new body - mind connections and full presence in the moment through movement.

Transforming space and time by bringing mindfulness into each moment , so that the performer and the performance become part of a breathing entity. The main objectives are : How to use movement in performance to transform negative emotions and release whatever heavy we have been carrying, and in consequence, how by applying certain psychophysical procedures on their own self, can the performer communicate the meaning of the piece and touch the hearts of the audience. An indirect approach to share the experience that everything is connected.


ながれ / NAGARE

Butoh dance, polyphonic singing of Epirus (Northern Greece) laments and live violin

"Beautiful. Enchanting. Transcendent. I wish to see it again." Merlyn Peter's

''This show is needed here and now in the UK as it helps and allows us to grieve -it asks the important question; are we able to grow and leave the trauma behind us?'' Elina Manni 

ながれ / NAGARE is a hybrid investigation of the limits between Butoh dance and polyphonic traditional singing methods of Epirus (North Greece) accompanied by electric violin soundscapes. 

Through the mixture of those two genres/styles ながれ / NAGARE creates a new form/technique which brings together Greek and Japanese performative elements. 

Through the investigation made on traditional Japanese forms such as Noh theatre, Kabuki dance and Greek such as ancient Greek mysteries (Kaviria, Eleusinia & Orfika) and polyphonic laments from Epirus (μοιρολόγια) we explored that these phenomenally different worlds share common ceremonial and spiritual aspects.

Performed at: St. Pancras Old church part of 'The Polaris Experience' curated by Gene Serene, London (July 2015), Apiary studios part of Modern Panic VI curated by Guerilla Zoo, London (November 2015), Hornsey Town Hall Arts Centre (December 2015) and Librarylondon members club. (April 2016) and Strange Love Festival, Folkestone, Kent (March 2017). 

Butoh/voice: Roxani Garefalaki & Eliza Soroga

Live violin: Takatsuna Mukai

Costume design: Yuliya Krylova 

Photo credit: Eleonora Cristin, Simone Pellegrini / Doris Shiffer. 


Being Light

Lead by Gesamtatelier founding member Symeon Banos, "Inhabiting CSM" is a project which invites artists to “inhabit” the unfamiliar to them space of Central Saint Martins by using their medium of expression: their body. Roxani- Eleni Garefalaki's video documentation belongs to a series of performances by our collaborators.

Roxani's approach was called 'Being Light':

Mindfulness in motion. Being vertical while moving forward. Allowing time to create internal space, in order to receive the environment, perceive and process every external stimulus so that I remain light, continuously expanding. Being present with integrity of my whole self.

Something interesting to note: although it was cold and I was wearing light clothes and was barefoot, an internal heat wave kept me going as long as the performance lasted: coming all the way from the Earth through the soles of my feet and rising until the top of the head: the stimulus of cold wanting to contract my muscles Versus the expansion of self that I was directed towards produced this warmth...

Tuning-In to Elusive Times

Directed & edited by Orestis Dikaios.

After ii'ts award and participation in the London University Southwark University Alliance's annual report, Tuning-In To Elusive Times again won the first prize in his first Film Festival outside Academia. The London Greek Film Festival honored us with our participation in it and our award as Best Experimental Film.

Artistic Coaching

For performers, dancers and everyone interested in delving into the moment through movement!


Group Workshops

Using exercises and games from Butoh, Qigong and Theatre, while working with the principles of the Alexander technique, we will delve into the dimension of time in a unique way, by exploring new body - mind connections and full presence in the moment through movement.

We will explore ways of enhancing our perception we learn how to meditate while in activity and how to engage with a calm and centred mind.

My aim is to guide people into a field of unified awareness through connecting body- mind and emotion.

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