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Alexander Technique
Tai Chi & Qi Gong

Mindful Fitness

Feel and live better!

 The Alexander Technique is a method with which we become aware of our habitual misuse of ourselves; teaches us how to be free of unwanted tensions; how to connect all aspects of ourselves (we call it our ‘psychophysical unity’) and direct the system as a whole to live in harmony and balance.

 The Technique is learned through the guidance and hands on work of a qualified AT teacher in private sessions.

'Mindful Fitness: Get fit with the Alexander Technique!':
For Yoga, Pilates and fitness practitioners who want to improve your skills, achieve better results, avoid injuries and enjoy more your practice.

A way to embed meditation in fitness activities by expanding our awareness through new body -mind connections.

 Through the guidance of the Alexander Technique, we practice combined exercises from Pilates, Yoga, and fitness programs, learning how to use ourselves better, by being mindful in action.

 In my QiGong and Tai Chi classes, I work with the principles of the Alexander technique to guide people to explore new body - mind connections and full presence in the moment.

 Through practicing these wise ancient movements, we facilitate the flow of Qi (life force energy) in our body, mind and spirit.

Meet Roxani

My Experience, My Passion

My name is Roxani and I am a teacher of the Alexander Technique MSTAT, Tai Chi, QiGong and an Usui Reiki Master.

I am a  Butoh instructor, a professional performer and director.  

 My experience has led me to look for the connections between art and healing, find ways to change myself and my habits in order to live with less effort and bring harmony to my body, mind and spirit.

 I am passionate about helping people find mindfulness in their everyday activities and learn to use their bodies in a way that minimises pain and discomfort and allows freedom in motion. 

 I have given international talks and workshops on how the AT can help young people and those who are in the hypermobiity spectrum. You can see them here.





Tai Chi and


Online Lessons Available 

"We are like Trees, we grow having a direction, going Up towards the light and when we let go of our weight we become rooted and then we blossom!"


Alexander Technique Lessons

How well are you using yourself? 

  • Becoming a Better You

  • Finding a new way to move with Ease

  • Release and redirect stress

  • Improve vocal/breathing issues

  • Manage anxiety, be in charge of your reactions

  • Enhance Performance in Arts and Sports

  • Heal yourself and learn how to overcome and prevent injuries and pain

Tai Chi & QiGong

Through the practice of the ancient and healing movements of QiGong and TaiChi and through the conscious directions of the Alexander Technique, I am teaching how to achieve balance between all tensions.
 Together we become aware of the energy flowing through the body, the central vertical axis and the centre of the body's weight, while allowing the breath to be harmoniously expressed in our movements.
In this way we reconnect with the reality of effortless existence, restoring our health and empowering our whole self as a psychophysical unity.

I offer a variety of classes for different  levels and needs.

If you’re looking to improve your balance and release stress,  achieve a mindful state of mind and boost your immune system, you can find the support and resources you need right here.

Additionally, I personally consult with every single client to understand each one’s unique needs. 


I teach private lessons or in small groups, as well as weekly Tai Chi group classes of different levels and separate QiGong classes. All sessions are available online as well as in real life.


I have tended to suffer from back problems for most of my life, and after a recent bad spell the physiotherapist who was treating me recommended Tai Chi as a follow-up and a method of keeping the problem under control.  I was particularly keen, too, to improve my balance after having one or two falls.  Roxani’s classes, combined with some private lessons with her, have made a big difference and given me much greater stability.  Roxani’s clear direction and warm encouragement have been an inspiration, and by the end of each lesson I feel stimulated and refreshed, no matter how battered I was feeling when I arrived.  I certainly intend to continue with these and recommend them to others.


Prudence Raper 

Writer, singer and Manager in retirement

I am a student of Alexander Technique, and have experienced Roxani's teaching over the past year. Roxani is empathetic and supportive, using her broad knowledge of body movement as well as sensitive intuition to help me in short term pain and long term change. I am looking forward to many years of sessions!


Cait Hurley

I highly recommend Roxani because she is very supportive in helping me to manage very serious health conditions, ie irregular heartbeat, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic pain syndrome and fibromyalgia. These conditions can make one extremely anxious and depressed but through the Alexander Technique I have become mindful and able to observe myself so I am able to manage any episodes (pain, fatigue) that may be coming. Roxani has a gentle sensitive demeanour and active presence, which is so importantly supportive to my process.


Akira Cripps

However fidgety or distracted I might be feeling at the start of a lesson with Roxani, I know that a remarkable sense of calm will descend by the time I have finished. While she is teaching, she is relishing the gentle soft movements of 

Qigong herself, which encourages me to do the same. Whether you are practicing in a small group or even during an online class, Roxani teaches with great awareness due to her experience in performance and training in Alexander Technique.


Lucy de Castro

I have HEDS and I have been working with Roxani for a number of months now. During this time, I have found her to be extremely knowledgeable and willing to share this with me in ways that I am able to understand. She has been kind, thoughtful, caring and extremely flexible in her approach and has worked with me to find ways that work for me and my bodies present limitations. I cannot recommend her more highly she has been inspirational to me, and I cannot thank her enough for all her generosity and kindness.


Grace Hogg

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